December 15 to 16, 2023 Deccan College Ground, Pune

Industry Overview

"Mobility is Key driver of the economy. Better Mobility reduces the burden of travel and transportation and can boostr economic growth".

The Indian automobile sector has traditionally been a great indicator of the economy’s performance, as the automobile sector acts as a key performer in both macroeconomic expansion and technological advancement. Moreover, the growing interest of companies in exploring the rural markets further aided the growth of the sector. The rising logistics and passenger transportation industries are driving up demand for commercial vehicles. The widespread adoption of electric vehicles is a significant aspect of future mobility. Future market growth is anticipated to be fueled by new trends including the electrification of vehicles, particularly three-wheelers and small passenger automobiles.

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India could be a leader in shared mobility by 2030

“Future of mobility is based on 7Cs- Common, Connected, Convenient, Congestion-free, Charged, Clean & Cutting-edge”.


Auto Show

The emergence of technology-driven automotive solutions and investments by both domestic and international players are poised to transform India into a manufacturing and innovation hub for automobile industry.

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Fuel of Future

The future of Alternative Fuel in India holds immense promise and potential. India has been taking significant steps to transition towards cleaner and more sustainable fuel sources such as Green Hydrogen, Bioethanol etc to address environmental concerns, energy security, and economic development.

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Urban Mobility

Urban mobility in India is undergoing a transformative phase due to rapid urbanization and congestion challenges. The adoption of e-buses, e-bikes, e-rickshaws are on the rise, driven by the need for efficient transportation solutions.

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Who should attend?

• Transportation Industry Professional
• Automotive Industry Representatives
• Representatives from automakers, suppliers, and related industries
• Tech Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Startups
• Technology companies working on mobility solutions
• Infrastructure Development and Regulations
• Urban Planners and City Officials
• Investors and Venture Capitalists
• Environmental and Sustainability Advocates
• Transportation Consultants and Analysts
• Academics and Researchers
• Government Bodies and Policy Makers
• Media and Press

Why to attend?

• Get Insights into Emerging Technologies in Mobility
• Learn the Latest developments and trends in Transportation
• Knowledge Sharing and Learning
• Gain knowledge about market trends, regulatory changes, and best practices
• Stay updated on the latest research and innovations
• Business Development
• Brand awareness in the industry.
• Market Intelligence
• Policy and Regulatory Insights
• Showcasing Your Innovations
• Partnering and Collaborations
• Excellent Networking Opportunities

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